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I ordered $4400 worth of kitchen cabinets from Frank Lamark and they were never shipped and I didn't receive a refund. The fake website looked real, the ordering was easy and he was a very smooth talker. Once Frank Lamark got my money and as the weeks passed my cabinets never arrived. So I kept calling Frank Lamark but my calls weren't returned. When I emailed him a few more times he finally sent me a tracking number that didn't work, it was fake. I emailed some more and he wrote that the order would be delayed because of the "many" orders they were processing at the time.

After a month Frank Lamark stopped replying back to my emails, he never called me back from my dozen or so voice mails. I eventually did a search for Frank Lamark Fraud and realized (too late) from all the complaints on the Internet that his business model is to take money from people, then ignore them for as long as it takes for them to "give up", free money for Frank Lamark.

As a disabled Veteran that fought in the wars for this country, it's sad that I'm on a limited income to start with, and then to have someone like Frank Lamark take advantage of me and strip me of 8 months of savings so that now I can't upgrade the kitchen for my wife and kids, I have to start all over, find a real RTA cabinet company or downgrade and go to Home Depot and buy what I can afford.

This is America, yet Frank Lamark roams free to pillage and plunder and steal, he only cares about himself by stealing from others and his greed allows him to forget about those of us that served with pride for this great country and are not millionaires that can afford a $4400 loss which to me and my family is huge. I complained to the FTC so I'll see how that goes, what else can I do.

I included Frank Lamark mugshots located from a post at a complaints site so you can see who you're dealing with. I wish you luck, it didn't work out for me and my family.

DisabledVeteranGuy wrote the review because of problem with delivery at ShopRTACabinets. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $4400 and wants ShopRTACabinets to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was that my refund was not sent to me and that the company has not responded to my request for my refund. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

Also, this reviewer considered the following company: Home Depot. We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by ShopRTACabinets and delivery service for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.


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He's a con artist, stay away


No one should do business with ShopRTACabinets.I only received half of my order 3+ weeks later than they promised.

I was told that their cabinets get lost during shipping all the time and that they simply replace the cabinets with no questions asked. When comparing what ShopRTACabinets said they sent with what UPS said was actually sent, the differences were staggering. I received 3 shipments from ShopRTACabinets and they told me all three times that all the items were sent. Before I received the last 2 shipments from ShopRTACabinets, I called UPS and was told what was actually shipped from their distributor, and co-conspirator Cabinet Mania in Milwaukee, WI, and both times the UPS manifest differed greatly from what ShopRTACabinets told me was sent.

In one of the shipments, ShopRTACabinets said they sent me the remaining 30 items I was missing, but the UPS manifest only showed that they had sent 1 item. I made several email and verbal requests for ShopRTACabinets to send me their shipping manifest and they refused or did not reply.

After over 40 emails, countless phone calls, and 3 shipments, they were not able to send me my complete order. ShopRTACabinets eventually said that they could not get the missing cabinets for at least 2 months. I had to cancel the remaining part of my order.

I was told they would send me a tally of my refund the next day. When I did not hear from them, I sent 2 more emails and made several calls that did not get answered.

It has been over 4 months since I cancelled my order and only today did I hear back from ShopRTACabinets after I sent an email threatening to report them to the BBB. If you happen to check with the BBB, they have hundreds of complaints against them and an F rating. Not suprisingly, 1 person at ShopRTACabinets even told me they received their cabinets from another country while another person at ShopRTACabinets told me they produced the cabinets in their own factory.

I was clearly lied to by ShopRTACabinets on several occassions. They are unethical at best, but more reasonably, are criminal in their business dealings.

I am now stuck with partial cabinets that I cannot use and am out the full amount of my order.Do yourself a favor, just burn your money, it is less painful and easier than dealing with ShopRTACabinets.com.


This is Bugdout again and my refund check locked up my bank account for 8 days and the check was no good. I have still been trying to get a refund or cabinets and they stopped answering my emails again 3 months ago. I have filed a claim with the Illinois Attorney Generals office to try the legal system for my refund.


Frank I think you're blaming this Scott guy because he exposed what your doing to people on his research page.


I just don't think it is possible for one dude to make hundreds of posts on dozens on sites, plus over 100 complaints at the BBB, I can't even pull that one off.

I checked his page about you and I didn't see any affiliate links or ads you talked about so I don't know how he can money from that.If he's running a business then he'd be getting visitors from paid advertising or Google searches or some other way, that's what I would do, not a few measly people from some lone complaint site like this or any other complaint site.

Mchenry, Illinois, United States #1249869

Complaint #1249690 Below is Fake. If it is real they would have put their name or order number. Find something more to do with your time Scott.

to Anonymous #1251084

You have no soul Frank. As they say what goes around comes around. What's funny is if you actually sold real cabinets you would probably be making more than your scam.


This company took $ directly from my bank account, but provided no product or refund.

I ordered kitchen cabinets from ShopRTACabinets.com on 5/26/14 and paid just under $6000.Their website looked good, with great customer ratings.

They do not take credit cards, but only direct bank account payments. The website promises delivery in 2-5 weeks. The cabinets were not delivered in that time, and it was almost impossible to reach anyone there to ask for status updates (we have placed upwards of 20 phone calls to the company, but someone named [name] has only answered 1 time). They responded to our email messages twice that the cabinets would ship out the "next week" and once they even responded that the cabinets had already shipped.

However, no cabinets ever arrived. Eventually we cancelled our order on 8/12/2014 (through our attorney) but they never responded that they received our cancellation until I complained to the Chicago area BBB (btw, check the complaints for this company and it's affiliated company, Cabinets Direct, both have grades of F for similar issues). The message from Shop RTA Cabinets, via the BBB, was that we would receive our refund within 30 days (as promised on their website). That never came.

When we complained again through the BBB, they vaguely responded that they would send the refund "ASAP".

We responded that we wanted a date the refund would be sent, but they never responded to the BBB or us after that.It is now 10/28/14 and we have yet to receive a refund.


This is Bugdout again and my refund check locked up my bank account for 8 days and the check was no good. I have still been trying to get a refund or cabinets and they stopped answering my emails again 3 months ago. I have filed a claim with the Illinois Attorney Generals office to try the legal system for my refund.


Ok, I'm tryting to get incontact with Frank LaMark...

please send my refund.

i sent numerous emails and left a million voicemails and no one responds.i have politely asked to please send my Refund and no one tells me the status.

only in the beginning they said my order would be shipped the "next week" over 3 times. i had an account online and they have deleted it. i made an order for cabinets for my kitchen and two bathrooms. They charged the check and took the money from my bank but i still dont have my cabinets.

And reviews on their website are way different than the negative reviews on BBB and anywhere you google. All i want is my refund., ive been without a kitchen and bathroom for over 5 months and they ruined my thanksgiving, my daughters birthday party plans and christmas.

I have a 4year old and a 2 year old and its impossible to be without a kitchen or bathrroms.please email me back or call me.


I ordered my cabinets from frank and never got them then the order was delayed because of inventory.He said they will ship and weeks later and no cabinets.

I mailed and got a tracking number but it didn't work then I mailed some more then after a month I got a freight shipping number, when I called the shipper they said there is not no order and the number is not in there computer.Kept emailing and calling and no answer never got my cabinets and got no refund.

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